Page Updated: Mon, 23 Sep 2019 23:40 AEST (UTC+1000)

What is Bjax?

Bjax stands for "beyond Ajax". For Developers Bjax techniques allows client side XSLT processing of data returned from an asynchronous call. For users this translates into the ability to view data in many different scenarios without having to wait for communication with the server.

Ajax is not a new technology. Rather it describes technqiues that uses, and could equally be described by, Javascript, XML, XSLT, DOM, XHTML, and CSS. Analogously Bjax is a technique that uses, and could equally be described by, Ajax.

That is, client side XSLT processing is identified by others as a technique within Ajax. However, most Ajax examples and applications only use the DOM to traverse the XML data returned by a XHR call. Using client side XSLT to process the returned XML data is such a different and specialised technique as to warrant it's own term: "Bjax".


Tested in: Gecko (eg Firefox 1.5); & Internet Explorer (6.0) with MSXML 4.0.

Install the latest version of Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) if you haven't got MSXML 4.0 and you want to use IE.

XSLT DOM Display

Examine the current state of the XSLT document, booksTable.xslt, used to display the table according to the user's sort and filter choices: