Who we are

Page Updated: Mon, 23 Sep 2019 23:40 AEST (UTC+1000)
Portrait of John Bentley

John Bentley runs Softmake. He is degree qualified: Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney 1994, Computer Science Major and Philosophy Double Major. He has experience developing and administering software applications across a range of industries. From tracking financial assistance in government departments, data cleansing in software resellers, facilitating engineers to communicate around large scale building projects, to invoicing and quoting systems for a small business.

Softmake has associations with developers, graphic designers, and web hosts. We can draw on skills that can be combined and tailored for the particulars of your project.

Are we professional? Fuck no. While we do a good job and like to be paid for a job well done, we don't use any of the liberal arts, theology, medicine, or law, in the development of our software solutions. Well we are mindful of legal requirements. So we are a little bit professional.

Mostly, though, we draw on established and evolving computer science and software development principles. We keep up-to-date on markup and programming technology and techniques.