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XslWebMaker - Download and Setup

System Requirements

Download (62 KB)

Setup Instructions

  1. Verify you meet the system requirements. Install Microsoft's XML Core Services (MSXML) 6.0 if needed.
  2. Download to a temporary directory.
  3. Unzip to the location for your websites. Eg ~\MyWebSiteProjects
  4. Rename the folder XslWebMaker to the name of your website. Eg ~\MyWebSiteProjects\XslWebMaker -> ~\MyWebSiteProjects\MyWebSite
  5. Run ~\MyWebSiteProjects\MyWebSite\Source\make.bat. You can do this in two ways:
    1. Open up a command console and change the path to ~\MyWebSiteProjects\MyWebSite\Source. (To make this easy you could use a window utility like CMenuExtender with the "DOS here" command.) Type make
    2. Double click make.bat

    This will begin the transformation process on the sample website. The results will be created in ~\MyWebSiteProjects\MyWebSite\WebOut\