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Business Recorder

BusinessRecorder is a Microsoft Access Database I created in 2021 to record small business transactions and output financial statements (Profit or Loss Statements and Cash Flow Statements).

This replaces the functionality of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) eRecord 6 software. BusinessRecorder is not publicly available.

Example Requirements Gathering Documentation

BusinessRecordsAndTax-Reference.pdf is a reference document for small business record keeping and small business tax obligations in the Australian context.

For potential clients or recruiters it can serve as an example of the quality of my technical writing in its role here as a requirements gathering document, as part of a software development processes.

It might have some educative value if you are operating a small business. However, you should rely on your own verification of what the AASB and ATO say, as it applies to your circumstances; and/or you should seek advice from a qualified accountant.

Sample Form and Report

Sample Cash Outflow transactions on the Cashbook form ...

Sample Cash Outflow transactions on the Cashbook form.

Sample report of a Profit or Loss Statement (pdf).

The Data Model

The BusinessRecorder data model