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Parts of XsltWebMaker

The folders and files of XslWebMaker:

The folder where you put your source files and folders. This folder also includes XslWebMaker files.
Your XML source files that are almost XHTML pages excepting for a few customized parts. These get transformed, as defined by xwmToXhtml.xslt, into valid XHTML files. (These XML files are perhaps improperly named with the .html extension. However, this extension is intended to convey these files are close to XHTML and different from those files with an extension of .xml)
Your XML source files that contain pure customizations. That is, where you need to use XML to separate data from presentation.
The destination for your files after XslWebMaker has completed it's processing. The files (and subfolders) under this get uploaded to your Web Host.
The Windows Batch File that starts XslWebMaker. You may need to customize this. For example, for special handling of source .xml files; or for adding more file types to be copied to ~\WebOut
The heart of the XslWebMaker. You may need to customize this. For example, if you want to pass variables to xwmToXhtml.xslt.
The .xslt file that defines how the bulk of your source xml files (that, perhaps improperly, have .html extensions in the sample) will be transformed. It is essentially an identity transformation with extra places for your customizations. You will need to customize this.