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What we do


Softmake makes custom software solutions to meet your organisations' unique requirements.

We can eliminate or reduce your work by automating tasks. We can empower your organisation to do things that, without software, would not be possible. Whether within your organisation or across the world, we can help you share information, enable communication, and facilitate collaboration.

Multiuser Database Applications

If you have information that you need to sort, query, search, report on, or share then we can build you a database driven software application to do this. Whether you wish to process transactions, as in logging received invoices, or analyze data, as in identifying sale trends within a sale category, we can help you.

We build small to large systems: from a single user spreadsheet to sharing data between multiple users concurrently on a nationwide or global scale.

Technically, we specialise in Access, a Relational Database Management System from Microsoft.


Softmake can build you a website to share data between the people within your organisation and/or the world wide public.

We build websites to current World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Web Community Standards:

We build for cross browser compatibility. That is, having the website be readable in any Web Browser in common use. Web standards compliance in general, and increasingly, facilitates cross browser compatibility. However, there may be occasion when web standards, specifically markup standards, need to be contravened to achieve this.

Technically, we specialise in client side web technology. This includes markup (XHTML, HTML, CSS), programming (JavaScript), and the cross technology technique Ajax (a superset of DHTML). We also have competency in XML, XSLT (XSL & XPATH) and may employ these behind the scenes to build your site.

Other Skills and Services

Softmake takes pleasure in wrestling with software to bend it to your will.

We therefore have the broad technical competency required to take on peripheral software tools that may be useful to deploy, or that you already have, in your organisation.

Software solutions invariably require technology outside of the main tool. For example when building Access Database applications there may be a need to interoperate with:

In other words we can get disparate and exotic systems to programmatically talk to each other.